120812 Jonghyun twitter update

: Suddenly anguish went through my head. The name has to be spectacular since they’ll be called that their entire life. I got the name from the mortal enemies of frogs and cicadas that sting their owner’s ears.. I couldn’t understand the Betta’s feelings. Right now I’m considering the names Right King and Left King to mean they’d rule the world’s right and left. RightKing LeftKing       

: Beta service.. It’s witty but it was hard to find the other names that relate to each other and this was too long. But above all else, deriving a name from the pronunciation of betta is a word pun like deriving my name from Kim Ingan Dojang… So pass on that…

Translator’s notes:

Ingan Dojang translate to human stamp. This is a word pun on the word Ingam Dojang which means legal seal. Jonghyun is saying that betta sounds like beta and ingan sounds like ingam. It’s a lame word pun on the species name so he doesn’t want to name his fishes beta service.       

: Haeroo and Dalroo as an extension of Byulroo… Not only are they different species, Byulroo is not that kind of byul. It’s”Byulro” or “not good” in English so it’s a whole different meaning therefore it’s eliminated.

Translator’s notes:

Byul is star. Hae is sun. Dal is moon. If Jonghyun wanted his fishes’ names related to “Star-roo”, then “Sun-roo” and “Moon-roo” might work but they’re fish plus Byulroo was derived not from star but from byulro which means “not good” or “so-so”.  

: There’s no significance in their names. It’s just righty and lefty! kekehehe

Translation credit @shiningtweets