It’s been a while since I last updated this tag… like 5 months lol but I’m getting into it again~
30 day SHINee challenge day 5: A SHINee song that makes you sad
No song makes me really sad but I guess the closets I can say is Quasimodo cause the MV is really sad. Those 5 boys crying in the rain jesus my babies. Also the lyrics are pretty sad its sort of a story about past or lost love a person who is in love with someone but the other person cannot return mutual feelings. So the person who is in love is feeling a lot of pain and they are just left with the fact that they love the person.
The song is meant to hold a sad theme so its sutible that I have sad feelings for this song.



Lately SHINee singing Last christmas makes me really happy but since thats just a seasonal thing to get me in the mood so lets choose a different song 
A song that makes me happy is One For Me Because I really love the lyrics of the song and when I listen to it their sweet soft voices it just lifts me up in what ever mood I happen to be in.


Day 3 - Your least SHINee song

I don’t really hate any SHINee songs that much but I guess this is one of the songs I don’t like as much out of the bunch.


30 day SHINee challenge

Day 2 - Your favorite SHINee song


I don’t necessarily have a favorite song from SHINee but JoJo is one of my favorites some other ones I like are Best place, Kiss Kiss Kiss, Obsession, y si fuera ella, alarm clock, stranger and one for me.

30 day SHINee challenge - day 1

Day 1 - Your favorite SHINee member and why.

- My favorite member from SHINee is Kim Jonghyun.
The first time I saw a picture of SHINee honestly it was hard to tell Onew and Jonghyun apart for a little. But when I started listening to their music I instantly fell in love with Jonghyun. From a visual stand point in my eyes Jonghyun is the most attractive. Normally I don’t like guys with some of his main features but for him I don’t know why but it is just a acceptation. xD he has  a nice sculptured toned body not to bulky! I think he’s just right and his height is so adorable!!~ Moving on.. I love his personality he’s very funny, he is confident, talented, caring, emotional when ever he is crying I find myself crying as well his emotions can pass on to his fans easily. Another thing I love about him is his voice he is very talented at singing when I listen to him sing I seem to cry his voice is so beautiful and exotic it just speaks to me like no other singer can. The thing I love about him the most is not necessarily something thats easy to explain… Its just something about him that is like no one else, he inspires me to be who I am Jonghyun is my hero and I’m proud to be a blinger ♥